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Psychopathic killers are the basis for some must-watch TV, but what really makes them tick? Neuroscientist Jim Fallon talks about brain scans and genetic analysis that may uncover the rotten wiring in the nature (and nurture) of murderers. In a too-strange-for-fiction twist, he shares a fascinating family history that makes his work chillingly personal.

This last year has seen logarithmic changes in marketing, fueled by different concepts like Utilities, AR, The Collective Exchange of Ideas, Transmedia, Digital becoming ubiquitous, Mobility and more. Great presentation by Helge Tennø,

The legendary design team Charles and Ray Eames made films, houses and classic midcentury modern furniture. Eames Demetrios, their grandson, shows rarely seen films and archival footage in a lively, loving tribute to their creative process

Graham Brown of presents 12 Youth Marketing Trends Here Today. You may have a great product and advertising campaign but if youth aren’t part of your product development and marketing process you don’t even stand a chance

Interesting presentation by mwesch, a reflection about ourselfs and our world, read it!

Interesting world facts by Michael Mendenhall and HP…who knows they might be true

Sticking with the old tools and models for measuring value will inhibit our ability to build strategies based on new sets of values, as we have no system for measuring them according to Helge Tennø!

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