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Nearly all of us wish to be known as ‘nice’ people. Yet our happiness may depend on a willingness to be — at points — strategically selfish.

Nowadays, in our more difficult moments, many of us turn to social media for reassurance. Unfortunately, we’re more likely to encourage further self-hatred.

A surprising amount of suffering is inflicted upon us by those who ostensibly love us. An explanation can be found by understanding the psychology of cruelty.

It can be hard to remain hopeful during seemingly hopeless times. Sharing hard-won wisdom on how to not give up when the going gets tough, writer Wajahat Ali talks about the challenges he faced with his daughter’s cancer diagnosis and the COVID-19 pandemic, detailing three actionable things we can all do to find the silver linings in our lives — and invest in hope where we can

From glue alternatives inspired by gecko’s feet to factories that produce a net benefit to the environment, Interface’s VP and chief sustainability officer Erin Meezan explains how we can look to nature to learn how to make business more sustainable. Detailing the innovative solutions this fresh approach has unlocked for her company, she invites us to imagine what we can redesign in our own lives, with nature in mind.

One of our greatest fears is to suffer a mental breakdown. Yet, in the long run, a breakdown might just be the most beneficial thing that will ever happen to us.

Most of life is dreadful — which is why it’s important to focus on what remains hopeful, fun or sweet.

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