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A blast from the past by The Prodigy! This video drew fierce criticism for  misogyny  and was banned by MTV! Obviously back then people were a bit more prude than they are today… so  the didn’t had any sex, engaged in violence or done drugs ..go figure! Pls note this is the uncut version

Crystal Method’s new video, Drown In The Now (featuring Matisyahu) from their new album Divided By Night.

Flat-e were commissioned by Domino Records to create  this  music video for the Junior Boys track ‘Like A Child’.

Music video for Jeudi 17 Mai by Montreal’s very own, Ariane Moffatt.

Simply Great! Watch the making of interview here



The tracks above  are  composed of  wave bass, custom drum sequences, and sounds recorded from the Disney film ‘Mary Poppins  &  ‘Alice In Wonderland’…..  you can even download the tracks ! Just amazing work by Fagottron, via Mike Arauz

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