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This is the very cute Bunny’s Video Promo! Both the song and the video are amazing! Animation by Emiel Penders, creative producer Pieter Van Hees! I wish I could be able to tell you a bit more about this artist, but I cant find anything about him 🙁

Tricot Machine || Les peaux de lièvres from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

This is an amazing music video, directed by Simon Laganière for Tricot Machine in which more 700 real wool knits are animated to create a poetic interpretation of canadian winters. Very impressive

This is a really cool art installation!”Boursier-Mougenot creates a walk-though aviary for a flock of zebra finches, furnished with electric guitars and other musical instruments. As the birds go about their routine activities, perching on or feeding from the various pieces of equipment, they create a captivating, live soundscape”. More info about this amazing installation here

Robot Rock from Martin Feres on Vimeo.

By the legendary Daft Punk and their wicked fans below! Under every rock you will find a robot 🙂
Daft Punk addicts click here

robot rock from conorRONK on Vimeo.

Robot Rock VS Release the beast (Robot versus Humans) from Checo Che on Vimeo.

Daft Punk – Robot Rock (Short Music Vid) from Sami Jafery on Vimeo.

Riton & Seiji – Computer Juice from Joe Lea on Vimeo.

If you had one of those days when your computer doesn’t do what you need it to do then you are going to love this new music video by Riton & Seiji ! The lovely animation you see is by Joe Lea

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