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The Sad Song di Bra from Fredo Viola on Vimeo.

This is a live cluster performance and it breathtaking!! I never seen anything like it and it looks and sounds so freaking amazing! Well done to Fredo for doing this!

One of the best campaigns I have seen recently!! Download the song at and become a climate ally. Music and movie stars come together in a new campaign for climate change.

Although I dont speak the language this just make you want to get up and dance !! Just wonderful by Camille ! Don’t forget to check also the Carnival of Cultures, if you haven’t seen it yet!

Seventeen Evergreen – Haven’t Been Yourself from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.

Video from Seventeen Evergreen, directed by Encyclopedia Pictura, some inspiration from Sachiko Kodama.

Röyksopp ‘This Must Be It’ from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Amazing new video for Royksopp’s This Must Be It, featuring vocals from Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife, Fever Ray)

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