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A lovely animation created as a gift by Juan Delcan to Louise Bourgeois! The poem is from her friend Gabor Barabas. The music “I’ll read you a story” by Colleen, written by Cecile Schott (Use Courtesy of The Leaf label by arrangement with Woodwork Music.!!

Great packaging design concept by a student named Spencer Bigum! Spencer decided to change the design of the Duracell batteries package and to make it simple, bold, and iconic. His aim was to make buying a battery to feel like buying a toy!! The result is simply superb!! via the lovely package

Official music video for “Reds” by Houses, directed by LAMAR+NIK! Make sure that you also check the making of video here Enjoy 🙂

This one is just brilliant! Written/choreographed by Ronen Verbit and Vanya Polunin! Make sure you watch it in full screen! For full credits and more info click here

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