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While his wife is undergoing slimming treatment, André goes on a discovery tour of this very unusual center.Directed at Supinfocom Arles in 2010 by Bertrand Avri! More info about this here

An award winning animation by Steve Baker! Lovely plot, great character design and loads loads of barking 🙂

An interesting presentation by Colin Raney

Another facebook infographic to put with the rest of the pile! Via socialmediagraphics and stateofsearch

10 simple steps to building your brand on YouTube – a must for any company with video! Via mr litman

A stunning, hypnotizing video by Sarosh Jacob! As you can see for yourselves Palau is a special place where the Jellyfish are pretty much harmless to humans!! The song you hear is nude by the Radiohead

This dates a year back but it just landed in my inbox! The funky sound of IZABO directed by Shushu E. Spanier! Enjoy 🙂

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