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MS. John Soda: Outlined View by morrmusic

Based in Germany, the band Ms John Soda has already released three albums! If you are into electronica/indie music you are so going to love them

“Content is Queen” is a video art series of generative portraits that reflects on the foundations of democracy against the resilient nature of structures of power. At the same time, is a paradoxical dialogue and strange marriage between the banal and the utterly majestic: to create the series, the most popular (in a truly democratic sense) internet videos of a given moment are used as the input of a generative process that “paints” with action the portrait of the Queen” Created by Sergio Albiac

For an imaginary friend… Living an imaginary life… There’s nothing worse than being forgotten! Created by Steve Baker

A flipbook animation created by BloodyRenegadeX! Song: “Game- Battle Rush” by Musicshake