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A girl meets her doom in this brilliant animation by Christian Simmons!!

Very impressive title design by Clemento! This is his graduation project for his Bachelor in Arts and Design based on a World War Drama called “Herbst” which will hit cinemas early 2012 in Austria. Very very cool

A spectacular stroke of luck meets a lucky camera placement in Italy. A lovely time-lapse by Vincent Laforet

Just to say a big big thanks to the guys from i-design and especially Pepi who designed this cool little logo for my blog! The head is inspired by the computer screen and the eyes are like that because this is more or less how I look after I spend all this time searching all over the internet 🙂

An intimate tour… in 1080p… of Earth’s most impressive landscapes… as captured by astronauts with their digital cameras. Dr. Justin Wilkinson from NASA’s astronaut team describes the special places that spacemen focus on whenever they get a moment

To celebrate the opening of the Star Tours attraction, Darth Vader, accompanied by two Stormtroopers, visits the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California. More star wars here