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This will be an amazing app when it will be finally made! Idea by David Lu and Alex Chen the guy behind the amazing project Conductor

Another facebook infographic to put with the rest of the pile! via the digital buzz

The opening song from the new Lamb album ‘5’. I love love these guys!!

‘View’ is an imaginary story, also a reality of a ‘child’, who thinks her ‘mommy’ has left her behind because she doesn’t love her anymore. It shows the child’s inner world which has been hurt by her mother. The child feels and sees everything in such a painful and a negative way! It is still unfinished created by Grace-Nayoon Rhee!!

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

I featured the trailer of this animation a few months ago! Well the wait is finally over and the final result definitely worth your attension! Created by Joseph Pierce

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