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Fantastic illustrations by Robert Carter!Go get inspired here! via sweet station

Get ready to fight the face of horror itself, Freddy Krueger, in the final Mortal Kombat DLC!! I think all gamers will definitely love this!

Mustard Pimp’s new single! Way cool song but pls note that the video contains the weirdest depiction of sex that you will ever see and that it is a bit gore! I did warned you 🙂 View it at your own risk!! A big thanks to Joshua for bringing this to my attention!

Great illustrations to discover over at Aldous Massie’s on-line portfolio
Calvin Harris performing Feel so Close ! Video by Vincent Haycock

New work from old spice with a new guy Fabio! Is it just me or the new guy completely sucks?? Yeap I think they lost their coolness its downhill from here

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