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Money, entropy and the planet are tackled in this 1st part of The Discourse Trilogy, by A film that teases out the connections between our need for an ever growing bank account and the destruction of our environment.

Paras Chopra – Writer & creator
Robert Grieves – Direction & 2D lead
Scott Geersen – 3D modelling & animation

Corporate greed… treating people like shit , crushing cultures, productivity at all costs, socking statements from top management such as “put duct tape on their mouths to be more focused on work“, socking dancing shows from Chinese employees… that seem very forced during corporate celebrations along with some fake tears in the lines of …” yes ..we are all one”! Oscar winning and behind it all are the Obamas!

Stream away and if you are a business owner…. learn a thing or two of how you should never treat your workforce or your assets/talent! Karma as they say….. (and I hope is true) .. is a bitch! So you better start acting like a decent human being!