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20th Century Flicks is the oldest video rental store in the World. It’s small, close-knit crew has unwittingly become custodians of the largest collection of DVDs and VHS tapes in the UK, and faces a constant struggle to adapt and survive in the age of streaming and downloading. A film by Arthur Cauty

An official music video for Every Feeling by Ezra Furman, featured in the Netflix series Sex Education.Inspired by an all-nighter feeling and American motel rooms, it observes the feeling of emptiness and the dream-like realms of exhaustion. By Sivan Kidron

% food, research project by XK studio, serves the answer to an age old question. Do androids crave virtual food?

Directed and animated by Lukas Vojir
Music and sound design by Resonate

Some thoughts around TikTok that I gave during my class at the ECI – European Communication Institute Most of the info is based on the TikTok’s leaked-pitch-deck found in an adage article. Most examples belong to the wonderful work of Julian Cole and Savannah Simms You can find all the references used in this presentation at the end. As always as you know I am dyslexic so pls don’t start sending me messages about spelling mistakes and missing words. If you want a copy with all the videos playing pls drop me a message here

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