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The ways in which we connect with one another are shaped by the tools we use to communicate. When the old tools disappear, those forms of connection die with them.

This video explores the experiences of three real people in three different cities. Directed by Mishka Kornai

Animated fabric brings the story of a lingerie factory in Manchester to life. Silk, cotton and lace go under the camera, as the workers recount the history of Ella and Me, the UK garment manufacturing industry, and British family traditions of making. A specially composed soundtrack by Swedish composer Malin Bång, inspired by sounds of sewing machinery, evokes the ups and downs of the factory. Produced by Abigail Addison at Animate Projects.

A film by
Samantha Moore

‘The Shrewd Awakening’ is vivid, flirtatious, electric and inconceivable.

Everyday objects flow together in unexpected and serendipitous ways allowing the film to unfold a subconscious narrative that is open to the viewers interpretation.

The focus is on the hyperreal surrealism; the style that is always apparent in our body of work. It’s illusional with bizarre elements and a humoristic tone.

Film by Peter Tomaszewicz & Christiana Perdiou

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