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In times like these, simple and small things matter the most. Details we’ve never noticed before gain more importance and different meaning: the smell of a nice brewed coffee, an eerie yet soothing silence… Comforting sunbeams squeezing in through the corner of a bathroom window. It’s a time of connection with ourselves, our feelings and emotions. And the warmth of the sun, more precious than ever now, comes to hug us as would our distant but dear family and friends.

Produced by STINK FILMS , directed by The Fridman Sisters (Irmãs Fridman)

Your hands, up close, are anything but smooth. With peaks and valleys, folds and rifts, there are plenty of hiding places for a virus to stick. If you then touch your face, the virus can infect you. But there are two extraordinarily simple ways you can keep that from happening: soap and water, and hand sanitizer. So which is better? Alex Rosenthal and Pall Thordarson investigate. [Directed by Artrake Studio, narrated by Addison Anderson].