People spend eight hours a day consuming media, reports ZenithOptimedia

Who needs an ad agency?

Why brands should care about Generation Katniss

Marketers refuse to let online ad fraud defeat them as the fight against cybercrime moves up a gear

Google/Levi’s jeans tie-up gives smart clothing legs

Mobile payments to hit over £1.2bn per week in UK by 2020 as cash transactions continue to tumble

Instagram ramps up its ads with Facebook targeting and action buttons

The global rise of ad blocking in 4 charts
If you want to beat ad blockers, harness quality content

Global newspaper consumption drops 25% between 2010 & 2014

I bought an Apple Watch immediately, but after a month I’m done

Caitlyn vs. Kim, by the numbers: Who really broke the Internet?

Nivea Created a Doll That Gets Sunburned

Forrester’s Nate Elliott: There’s No ‘Community Building’ on Social

Pinterest Is Finally Going to Let Us Buy the Things We Like


In Just A Week, This Kit Turns Old Houses Into Zero-Energy Homes (For Free)

Apple CEO Tim Cook castigates Silicon Valley rivals over privacy, and he’s right

The psychology of simple

Some news that got my attention this week.


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