Creativity is dope. Advertising is dope. Deal with it

Adblock Plus returns to Google Play store

YouTube set to finally give brands more transparency for viewed ads data

Instagram opens platform to brands and introduces 30-second ads

We’re Not Nearly as Busy as We Pretend to Be, According to a New Study

Apple’s New Openness to Ad Blockers Threatens to Remove Publishers’ Mobile Ads

Report: Millennials Are Increasingly Cynical About Digital Security
Top Global E-Commerce Markets and Trends

Is that our product placement?”: A brief history of native advertising

Ad blocking may save digital marketing from itself

Snapchat viewers are quick to skip video ads if brands don’t impress

Fuck Your Apple Announcement Hype

Copyranter: How to tell if your agency is ‘creative’

Good luck with that ! The Washington Post Tries Blocking People Who Ad-Block oh.. wait a min…there is another newspaper online just a click away  I can read  the same news  there 😛

Periscope finally introduces landscape filming

Marketers now want media owners rather than media agencies

Facebook’s Way Past Friends—It Wants to Be Your Whole World

Everything Apple Announced That Someone Else Already Did

Get a Peek at Someone Using Facebook’s New Assistant, ‘M’

Google is piloting fresh grocery deliveries later this year

CITI: China is about to pull everyone into a 2-year ‘global recession’

some news that got my attention this week


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