Why brands should focus on variation in the quest for personalisation

Creativity defined the first 60 year of the British TV ad, planning and targeting will define the next

Can effective crisis PR save Volkswagen’s reputation following the emissions scandal?

Facebook debuts 360-degree videos with help from Star Wars, GoPro and SNL

Google AdWords charges advertisers for bot clicks YouTube’s counter can identify as fake, claims study

GroupM mandates that it will only work with ad network partners using certified anti-piracy services

A client-side view on creating winning pan-European campaigns

Instagram’s global ad revenue to hit $600m as user base reaches 400m

VW’s Cheating Proves We Must Open Up the Internet of Things

Hooli, I Mean Google, Gives Away Compression Code for Free

Philippe Starck on creativity, philosophy and ecology

hmmm I wonder if he got more money in some other way App store’s number one mobile ad blocker removed by founder after just 36 hours

Snoop Dogg Is Launching an Ad-Supported Social Network for Marijuana Aficionados And it’s called Merry Jane

Dislike Button Scams Invade Facebook

Who’s Going To Be Our Edward Snowden?

Ad tech always wins: Ad blocker users are the new hot ad-targeting segment

The winners and losers of the ad blockalypse

This guy made his million selling his last name. Now he wants to sell you his future

Death to the supermarket:

Malware makes its way into Apple’s App Store

How to save online advertising

New data suggests Google’s Amazon nightmare could get even worse

Caterpillar job cuts spell bad news for the global economy


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