Small Life in Saxon Switzerland from Christoph Schaarschmidt on Vimeo.

Christoph follows the same lines of Keith Loutit’s work and creates this amazing little video for all of us to enjoy! Perfection

VIDEOGIOCO from Enrico Ascoli – Sound Design on Vimeo.

This just blew me away..its incredible a must see! Expect it to go viral very soon!
Animation and concept by Donato Sansone sound design by Enrico Ascoli

A promotional instructional Windows 95 video starring Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston from Friends. This is  strange, but funny after watching you will feel that you are from the future!

Yesterday I saw Zombieland and I thought it was amazing! Today I stumbled on this great work from DraftFCB Paris for Chronic” art Magazine! Zombie overdose for me 🙂 Via I believe in advertising

La Boite Concept (arcade multimedia) HD from La Boite Concept on Vimeo.

This is so impressive, and way cool to introduce a product! For more information click here

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