JUMP | media facade | urban screening from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

This is just brilliant! The project “Jump” is focusing on mapped video projection with a strict reference to architectural structure! More info about this lovely gem here

POPULOUS with Short Stories- The Holy See (Official music video) from Francesco Brunotti on Vimeo.

The fantastic POPULOUS with Short Stories, directed by Francesco Brunotti! What a lovely and interesting sound these guys have!

A cool and very informative presentation by soap creative ! Make sure that you check it out

Josh Cochran has some serious talent! I love the colours he is using in his artworks, go get inspired here !   Via looks like good design

Coca-Cola short film competition from Aaron Covich on Vimeo.

A cute commercial for Coke shot and edited by Aaron Covich and directed by Colby Hanik for the competition Fresh Filmmaker Series! Although the advert didn’t win the competition  I think its quite cool !!

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