Nice Work for  Colgate Max Fresh by  Prolam Y&R Santiago, Santiago, Chile 


Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Regional Executive Creative Director: Guillermo Vega
Creative Director: Alvaro Becker
Copywriters: Max Konig, Felipe Utreras
Art Directors: Fabrizio Capraro, Mihail Aleksandrov
Digital Retoucher / Illustrator: Raul Pardo
Typographer: Fabrizio Capraro
Account Supervisor: Juan Carlos Meza

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“Here’s footage of the Loch Ness monster, live in Tokyo! For the film “The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep” was a 18 meter high monster in the Tokyo Bay projected. These were “special effect projectors & pumps, which according to the water receded into the light. Music & Sound effects were obviously not lacking. Disney World Technology Meets Guerilla Marketing”…

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Super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel the first shots of their kind ever recorded. Speading accross the internet like a wildfire

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