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New song and a very cool video by WHITE LIES! Directed by Nicolás Méndez!


White lies directed by Jonas & Francois! Fantastic new song and video! A big thanks to Adrian for bringing this to my attention!!

“Keep on running, keep keep on running, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” By the white lies

1: Image of the day

Via Mignonne Meekels

2: Dirty words

Typographic tribute to George Carlin from Noisy Neighbor on Vimeo.

Another awesome typographic tribute to George Carlin ! Created by Noisy Neighbor

3: Projection animation test

projection animation test from reanimatr on Vimeo.

This looks simply amazing I only wish I could tell you more about it than a “fantastic projection animation test” :-(

4: Image of the day

via Sergey Pozhidaev

5: 70 Million

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L’Ogre on Vimeo.

An incredible music video directed by L’Ogre for the band Hold Your Horses, in which  the band members playfully reconstruct famous paintings! Just awesome!

6: How come we play war?

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

7: Runner II

Runner II from Tommy Vad Flaaten on Vimeo.

This an amazing short movie made by Tommy and Markus Vad Flaaten! They drew a total of over 1500 characters, and the result is awesome! Lovely stuff :-)

8: Veronica Navarro

Random faces for random thoughts from Veronica’s online portfolio! Go get inspired here

9 :Love Me Tender

Agent Provocateur – “Love Me Tender” in HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

“Short film written and directed by Greg Williams as a web viral for underwear firm Agent Provocateur staring model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.”” This dates about a year back but its  hot hot hot absolutely brilliant! This is how you should advertise underwear! The song you hear is by the Dirty Stop  Out ” Tie me up”

10: Image of the day

Via Oleg Portnoy’s on line portfolio

Dear all, these are the posts that you reposted, shared, and loved more according to my wordpress stats…and people pls note that we are talking about hundreds of thousands of views for each one of them!! Just imagine the no 1 post got 298,824 views!!!! Impressive or what???

Its been a great year for The Curious Brain and I would like to take the chance and thank you all! You guys simply rock!!!! A big big big thank x 100000000000000 to all of you for liking, commenting, and sharing this blog!!! You are the ones that made it so popular! I cant wait to see what 2011 will be like for this blog :-)

Make also sure that you check The Top Ten Posts of 2009 in case you haven’t seen them!! Thank you once again!!

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White Ghost Shivers – Santa’s Sack from Eric Power on Vimeo.

hahahhah I love this animated music video for the White Ghost Shivers song ‘Santa’s Sack’!!!Yes boys and girls Santa got a special toy just for you :-) Directed/Animated by Eric Power

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