Pacman Packaging

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A packaging and brochure design concept by Craig Sutton inspired by the retro videogame ‘Pacman! via packagingoftheworld

Is it Christmas yet?

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via lovelylovelyruthie

2015 Tech Trends

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2015 Tech Trends from Webbmedia Group

At the end of each year, Webbmedia Group applies their FuturePrint Trend- spotting Framework to surface the most important emerging trends in digital media and technology for the year ahead. This 2015 Trend Report offers 55 key insights representing the immediate trends that will matter most in the coming year.

The Fruit Toilet Paper

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 13:56

Designed by Kazuaki Kawahara! Via packagingoftheworld


packaging design,trends — thebrainbehind @ 14:07's THE FUTURE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE from

Five trends that will redefine great service in 2015 and beyond according to

Listen, Learn, Earn: We Are Social’s Guide to Social Listening

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Listen, Learn, Earn: We Are Social's Guide to Social Listening from We Are Social Singapore

Forget everything you know about social media

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Forget everything you know about social media from Gregory Pouy

Since the appearance of Social Media, and the relative empowerment of the consumer, we’ve been trying to tell marketers they can have visibility for free.
Just like magic… Since this year, you can read everywhere that Earned Media is dead, that Facebook’s Edgerank for brands is almost 0… Oh, and by the way, Facebook may soondisappear and Twitter will never spread to John and Jane Doe… In others words, it’s all been a big misunderstanding. A very interesting presentation by @gregfromparis

Gawatt emotions

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Lovely packaging concept that lets you customize the faces by your mood or let them lead your emotions! Created by a bunch of people

It was written in the stars.

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by wichoria

Wine, or maybe not?

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Created by Constantin Bolimond Via packagingoftheworld

Celebrity souls

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Celebrity souls placed in a stylish mason jar to keep it fresh and out of trouble. Brought to you by SoulsRUs. Via

threat level wines

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 19:58

Great packaging design for wines! Does anybody know who is behind them? via Mona Eltahawy

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