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Antigravity and inverted world are Sci-Fi. But. Just imagine…
Underlapse is a visual experience and shows how our brains can be lost without its spatial cues. Some footage can cause slight dizziness on some people. From Claire & Max


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A wonderful animation by Laurène Braibant

Things I Should Stop Thinking About Thinking

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A film about boobs, sex and boys being happy – or not. A brief look at what stress feels like from inside the head of a youngish bloke. Written, directed and animation by Mr Castro

John Lennon and Yoko Ono on Love

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It’s all true folks. All you need is love.”- John Lennon, 1969 Interviews by Howard Smith. Animation by Blank on Blank

Forrest Gump by Wes Anderson

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Here are the opening credits to the movie Forrest Gump if Wes Anderson had directed it. From Louis Paquet

The Deadly Cost of Fashion

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A photojournalist who covered last year’s deadly collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh draws connections to New York from clothing labels he found in the rubble. From The New York Times

Fin de loup (Wolf down)

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An animation by s ludh. I only wish it had subtitles :-(

Strange Fruit

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Shimi Asresay and Hili Noy Graduation short film from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. The peaceful daily routine of father and son is interrupted by an encounter of an unfamiliar boy, different from them in color.


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A lighthearted essay on contextualized characters. Reconstruction follows deconstruction. Created by ZEITGUISED

Each other

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A wonderful little animation by Lee kyu-tae


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I’m probably the very last person to post this :-) Meet ReeBot.
A very Friendly little robot who only wants a little bit of attention from his human coworkers. Directed by Ciboulot

Eggstraordinary edition of Breaking Bad (Breaking Egg), Game of Thrones (Game of Eggs) and more

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created by easyexplainvideo

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