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An online documentary by Banyak Films on how the world is changing as a result of how technology is bringing people together, via feeding the puppy!! You can view the whole documentary in case you are interested here

Sure, all of us have a business card, but only a few of us carry in their wallet something really cool! Smashing Magazine has a great article about effective business card design! Check it out here

Matt & Kim bare it  all for their new music video  ‘Lessons Learned.’
Nudevertising  as  Trendhunter put’s it “is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools”
so I bet we are going to see more of it popping around the world!

XM Creative Services performs Today on iPhone Guitar! You have to love this phone 🙂

See the Sweet Child  O’ Mine and many other songs performed by various people below


In this turbulent times investment on Crises Management is more than a must! Employers and competitors with the new digital media can destroy a company’s reputation in a matter of minutes! The Dominos case study is a great example of that!

Dirty Dirty Dominos pizza

Trendsspotting Insights On Dominos Case Study by Tally Weiss

“Billions of photos have been uploaded to the internet, and by that are considered a valuable source for data mining. Many of the photos are tagged with text descriptions to allow search. Information on popular cameras can easily be obtained. But even more exciting is the geo-information which specifies the specific world location of the photo taken. Considering the fact that Flickr alone carries over one hundred million geotagged photos (out of a total of 3 billion photos) – research is starting to be meaningful. This is what driven David Crandall and colleagues at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, to analyze the data attached to 35 million photographs uploaded to the Flickr website to create accurate global and city maps and identify popular snapping sites.
The enormous dataset provides a global picture of

Trend via Trendhunter

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