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NIls Vesk’s keynote at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Information Management Summit 2010. Quite interesting!

This is a very informative presentation by Mark Rolston, chief creative officer at frog design, who envisions the future of computing! Very interesting if you can spare a minute make sure you read it

A part two, of a previous presentation by Helge Tennø on the new role of marketing in the post digital landscape! If you have the time make sure you read it!

Marci gave this very informative presentation to Miami Ad School on 2/1/2010! If you can spare a minute make sure you read it!

The expanded collection of insights and ideas on digital marketing activities” – focusing on leveraging new consumer/media/digital trends by Helge Tennø,

The 2010 youth trends according to Graham Brown! If you handling a youth brand make sure you read them!

Digital Trends for 2010 based around 4 themes including: Real-time, Won’t believe the hype, Good cause/Cause Good and Developing a Playful Side. By David J Carr, Digital Strategy Director, Chemistry Communications

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