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It might strike us as odd to claim that a person might be ‘too’ clever. Yet excessive intelligence can blind us to some of life’s simplest pleasures — and most important truths.

Dating apps have given us so many opportunities to find partners – but they haven’t made it any easier for us to secure and build up true love. Here is a guide to how we might approach them with the necessary care.

In her first book, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, multi-disciplinary artist and writer Jenny Odell argues that taking control of our attention from the capitalist forces determined to monetize it and reconnecting with the world around us is a critical form of resistance.. via

Success is no longer about individual talent, knowledge or skill. Success is about freeing ourselves from the blind spots that beset us all, and pooling our collective intelligence. Matthew Syed shows where the best ideas come from and how we can apply these ideas to tackling the biggest challenges of our age.

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