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If you are into motion graphics make sure that you check this! Timothe, a young boy, looking for his dad…Written and directed by Raphaelle Tinland and QuentinBaillieux.

This video by Mujeres just blew me away! Excerpts from the film Little Women (1949) combined with other materials that were shot!! The result is amazing! Directed by Lope Serrano. Cinematography by Marc Gomez del Mora

Animation by Michael Bierut and Christina Nizar for The New York Times Magazine’s 10th Annual Year in Ideas issue. via lenkendall

A wonderful animated music video by Lovett! Directed by Chris Alender! Lovett is the name of music and art projects by American composer, producer and songwriter, Ben Lovett.

Attention is linked with economic value creation. However, with infinite content options (space) yet finite attention (time) and personalized social algorithms curating it all for us, it

This is soooo very beautiful!! The official video for WOODHANDS ‘I Wasn’t Made For Fighting’, directed by Asif Mian from a few years back! Stunning!!

The lovely Mohini Geisweiller directed by by Danakil! Best Narrative Video Award at the Antville Music-Videos Awards 2010. Great stuff

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