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Wonderful song and video by Strange Billy The Saint & Bernadette Pike, a Bristol based group who writes songs together! Video by bd films! Cool stuff

As we turn our lives into information property, technology poses fundamental threats to privacy, anonymity and freedom as Salim Ismail argues

Austra’s new song is full of beat and pulse if you are into electro you are so going to love it! Directed by Claire Edmondson! Listen at full blast ๐Ÿ™‚

A slightly angrier set of Valentines than what you would find at your local Walgreen

Excellent !! A short fake commercial for Ozzy Osbourne’s new book “I am Ozzy” created by OlofStorm for a Hyper Island school project!!! Big thumbs up

hahahaha ..this is just brilliant! The story of Oedipus, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables, in the tradition of Ben Hur. A sword and salad epic, in classic CinemaScope. Featuring a Potato, a Tomato, Broccoli, Garlic, and Billy Dee Williams as the Bartender. Created by Jason Wishnow more info about this here

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