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I wish I could tell you more about this video but unfortunately there is no info about it! Anyways its quite cool to watch … its almost like a painting that comes alive! Created by Alex Delany & Katie Widloski!

A wonderful bachelor film project 2011 from The Animation Workshop with amazing character design! Created by Sune Reinhardt, Mikael Iln?s, Michael L. Fonsholt, Jouko Keskital! Directed by Sune Reinhardt Fogtmann

If you are into painting make sure that you check Caio Fern’s work! This guy has a very unique style!! Via boooom

KLM Personal Space Experiment: To improve the comfort level of their new Europe Business Class, KLM investigated the boundaries of personal space. Via lenendall

Are we willing to take risks in order to bring about innovation? X-Prize Foundation

The lovely song you hear is by the wonderful Kitteh Fur! The lyrics of this song were inspired by a friend’s poem. The video is by The Tearist who used scenes “Walden: Diaries, Notes and Sketches” (1969) by Jonas Mekas. So very beautiful! Enjoy 🙂

The title gives everything away! A wonderful mirrored video by Astrid Riecken that plays along to the funky sound of ‘Not Afraid’ by Mr. Modo! Great stuff