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Facebook, Zynga, Linkedin, Twitter and Groupon all have huge valuation! Created by SimplyZesty! A big thanks to George
for sending this one over!

Epic tune listen at full blast!! “Tighten Up” (DC’s Finest Remint) Fort Knox Five vs. Black Keys !Video edit by DJ Ego (Melbourne, Aus)!! Excellent!! Free Download of the MP3

Eclectic Method‘s wonderful remix of the Kings Speech film!! Brilliant

Jungle Drum” is a single from the Icelandic pop singer Emiliana Torrini’s and her acclaimed album “Me and Armini” from a few years back! For this video the director James Price envisaged a fantastic jungle made entirely of paper! Enjoy 🙂

Believing in God generates soothing “juices” in the brain that make us feel good according to Lionel Tiger

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