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Honestly it is jaw dropping  and the illustrations in it are simply breath taking!!  The best thing is that I can share 3 copies with you guys! So here it goes if you post to facebook, twitter and stumble this post ( and sent me an email proven with you links that you did this) you get to have a copy! At some point tom I will post in my twitter and facebook profile the lucky winners !(Obviously Im going to make a lucky draw with all of you that want to participate) ! The contest will end tom at 17:00!! So start sharing 🙂

Legs Media and Mother NY live fashion show! Backed by the score of a 30 piece orchestra, we turned 155 rooms with 66 dancers inside into giant animated pixels, bringing a 20 minute live experience to the streets. Target even distributed 1,500 binoculars and had the music available on a toll-free number for those not close enough to hear. Familiar faces were in attendance to experience the truly extraordinary display

I wonder if will it blend .…will blend ipad 2! I cant wait 🙂

Theophilus London’s official Green Label Sound single “Flying Overseas” featuring Solange Knowles and Devonte Hynes! What an incredible video this is! Download the song free from here!

Bagatelle I« is the first of six music videos produced and directed by Schnellebuntebilder for the saxophone quartet The music was visualized by audio reactive and generatively created graphics and accomplished by hand-drawn animations. Great stuff

Apparently the younger generation will also get to scream Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats hoooooo!! This is the new Thundercats remake trailer presented on Cartoon Network, Feb 25, 2011!! I cant wait to see this! Way cool!