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A wonderful advert by Do the Green Thing to encourage people to turn down their heating and cuddle up instead.

Mobile online usage is growing rapidly but attention has been focused on devices, networks and operating systems instead of the users. Find out WHO is spending time in the mobile internet and HOW diffrent user groups are using the mobile online services! Get the report here ! Created by MRM Worldwide Deutschland via the digital buzz

Dustin Grella has created a lovely animated project called “Animation Hotline”! A series of daily animations where he use messages left on his voicemail for content! To leave a message call…inside US: +1 212-683-2490, international (skype): animationhotline!! Big thumbs up to him 🙂

Natalie Portman dances as a Black Swan to the sound of Radiohead’s Lotus Flower ! Created by Bruno Almeida! Lovely stuff 🙂

As you can see from above Edward Kinsella has a very interesting portfolio for you to explore! Go get inspired here

TRUMPETER SWAN directed by Jeremy Phillips! Weirdly beautiful personally I love it! You can download the track from here

A cool “Single-shot” video for Small Sins directed by John JP Poliquin! Enjoy 🙂

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