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Video by Dan Berglund. Frame by frame animation made with ink on glass. The video illustrates the song What a Wonderful World. Recorded by Louis Armstrong 1968

A pair of interactive robotic shoes that are activated by an iPhone application.
SHORT++ explores the possibility of making height an interactive variable
that can be modified in real-time and how it would reshape interaction between people. Designed by Adi Maron! More info about this here via swiss miss

Un Homme de Têtes -1898

L´homme orchestre -1900

The Magician – 1898

Early examples of special effects when the motion picture was still at the beginning from Georges Melies, a French filmmaker famous for leading many technical and narrative developments in the earliest cinema!
Created by cluto who is looking employment! Contact him here ! More 8bit animations here

At PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2011, a panel of experts including Ayesha Khanna of the Hybrid Reality Institute, Journalist Greg Lindsay, Allison Mooney from Google and Katherine Moriwaki of Parsons discussed our current relationship with technology and what’s coming next

New song and video by the awesome Carpark North! Video directed by Jeppe Kolstrup

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