Scratching the Surface from [weAREtheIMAGEmakers] on Vimeo.

This is so beautiful! Gratify at its best featuring – Beastman, Max Berry, Numskull, Phibs & Roach! Directed by Matt Fezz & Glenn Stewart! Presented by weAREtheIMAGEmakers !! The music you hear is “Scout” by Sailmaker! Great stuff

3D Augmented Reality experience with depth-sensing cameras from YDreams on Vimeo.

This is completely mental!! YDreams’ augmented-reality platform with depth-sensing camera! “The camera used makes it possible to pinpoint the 3D position of the users (it supports multiple users) and objects in the environment, allowing for a true marker less augmented reality experience. The virtual objects added in the video stream react to the user as well as the real objects´ positions and movements”

SureMen has teamed up with award-winning model maker Andy Gent to create an incredible Rube Goldberg-style football sweepstake machine. A bit OK Go a bit Honda but still amazing!

Ghosts Bikes are reminders of the tragedy that took place on an otherwise anonymous street corner! Just wonderful! Directed by Christopher Hewitt

Ghosts was originally published on The Curious Brain

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