Denver to Singapore (and back) in 5 minutes from David DAngelo on Vimeo.

The title gives everything away, an awesome timelaple! The song you hear is “Not so Blue” by Quantic !

Director Johnny Green recruited an elite team including Oscar winning set designer Grant Major and Oscar nominated director of photography Wally Pfisher to create this epic New Guinness World Ad! Although it looks spectacular it makes you wonder how Guinness is bringing life back into the planet and where on earth is their famous tagline??? There is more gossip as always over at

Celine’s work is very unique and original you must definitely go and get inspired here ! A big big thanks to Marius that brought Celine’s work to my attention 🙂

Beg You Back from Treves Studios on Vimeo.

“In a world where everything is flat and monotone, TV is a window to a different universe where a wicked music band is living life to the fullest: Minster Hill..” Minster Hill is a pop/rock band from New Jersey , Beg you back is the first music video for their upcoming album and its way cool don’t you think?

Beg You Back was originally published on The Curious Brain

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