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Meet the purveyors of the Street Art scene, including one of its pioneers
Blek le Rat. This lovely film transports us from different artists to different cities, examining how the growth and popularity of street art has affected its roots, how it distinguishes itself from Graffiti and how its become commodified and co-opted by the Art Market.Produced and Directed by Tom Haines

Strange Fruit” is a song performed most famously by Billie Holiday, this is a lovely cover by Emma Michelle ! Directed by Edmund Curtis!! Make also sure that you read the rest of the entry below and check a rare live footage
by the one and only Billie Holiday singing the same song!! Great stuff


Photographs do more than document history — they make it. Jonathan Klein of Getty Images shows some of the most iconic, and talks about what happens when a generation sees an image so powerful it can’t look away — or back!