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If you are into motion graphics make sure that you check the beautiful,stunning graduation project of Misha Shyukin! The lovely music is by Nils Frahm. Great stuff

Cool photography to discover over at Kevin Mackintosh’s online portfolio! Go get inspired here

A concept by a bunch of people ( read the rest of the entry for full credits) made for the module Advanced Interface Design at Hyper Island! The shoes utilize radio-frequency identification (RFID) to connect people with the social media! Cool and a bit scary at the same time !


“Many people think that technology is a problem in that it dehumanizes people. And, instead, I think it

Beamvertising, in December 2010 by Lumina Motion for Arcos cameras!

Today its all about the sounds 🙂 Video for Ghetto Burnin’ by Phonat from his self titled debut album. Way cool !!

The new stop motion animation music video from art rock group Eatliz, directed by the Grammy nominated directors Yuval & Merav Nathan (“Her Morning Elegance”) is just mind blowing!! Enjoy