Orpheu´s Pony

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A crazy wonderful animation directed by Michael Fragstein! Music by Lisa Tuyala, Marc Fragstei! If you are into animation make sure that you check this out! More info here

One Minute Puberty

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An amazing little animation written & animated by Alexander Gellner! Track and sound design by Niklas Kröger

One Minute Puberty

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An amazing little animation written & animated by Alexander Gellner! Track and sound design by Niklas Kröger

Pui Sai Kwok

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Wonderful, weird illustrations to discover over at Pui Sai Kwok’s on-line portfolio! Her drawing are know for their elegant and subtle line work and also her gentle humor. Go get inspired here

Absolutely Cuckoo Cats

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This is so very cute and it totally proves that if you want to make a successful viral you must definitely include some cats in it !! Created by SINLOGO and his talented cats! The wonderful song you hear is Absolutely Cuckoo by The Magnetic Fields

Image of the day

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via Michaela Istokova


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James Bond supports International Women’s day 2011 or maybe he just likes to dress in women’s clothing :-)! Directed by acclaimed ‘Nowhere Boy’ director/conceptual artist Sam Taylor-Wood, scripted by Jane Goldman (‘Kick Ass’) and featuring the voice of Dame Judi Dench reprising her role as ‘MMore info about this here

Less Heating, More Human Heat

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A wonderful advert by Do the Green Thing to encourage people to turn down their heating and cuddle up instead.


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An amazing song written and performed by Blow! Directed by Jonathan C. Hyde! Make sure that you listen to this!

Edward Kinsella

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As you can see from above Edward Kinsella has a very interesting portfolio for you to explore! Go get inspired here

Mobile & Attitudes – a Mobile Web User Typology

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Mobile online usage is growing rapidly but attention has been focused on devices, networks and operating systems instead of the users. Find out WHO is spending time in the mobile internet and HOW diffrent user groups are using the mobile online services! Get the report here ! Created by MRM Worldwide Deutschland via the digital buzz

Human Thing

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A music video by The Be Good Tanyas for the song “Human Thing” off of their album Hello Love! What a great soothing song! Via the brand new colony

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