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This is lovely !! A poetic music video about “him”, who can’t let go and “her”, who’s finally taking a decision. Created and animated by Ines Christine Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser for Chris Buseck!

PSFK presents Future Of Real-Time

View more presentations from PSFK.

An interesting presentation by PSFK, make sure that you check it if you can spare a min or two

A mythical love tale. Directed and Created by Dugan O’Neal. A wonderful music video by the Nosaj thing from a few years back!! Make sure that you listen to this!!

A wonderful, bizarre and macabre animation short by Pam Schlesinger about a failed suicide attempt and its consequences!

A film about the uneasy coexistence between life and Mr. Death by Fifteen Pound Pink Productions! Great stuff

A music video by Kathryn Marshall for Dan Deaco’s song My Name Is Robert, shot in a single take using painted wooden blocks and two actors. Freaking awesome!!

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