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Very very impressive!!”The Grand Rapids LipDub Video was filmed May 22nd, with 5,000 people, and involved a major shutdown of downtown Grand Rapids, which was filled with marching bands, parades, weddings, motorcades, bridges on fire, and helicopter take offs. It is the largest and longest LipDub video, to date”.

The best footage I have seen from the Spanish Revolution / Pl. Cataluña! Created by Paco Ruiz!!

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Awesome paintings by one of the most highly acclaimed contemporary artists from the Philippines, Ronald Ventura! Go get inspired here! Via sweet station

Sooooo very good! Video for “Black Hills” by Gardens & Villa from their self titled album on Secretly Canadian. Video directed by Ulysses///Onasis.

This is very awesome project by LUSTlab! “Now that we are familiar with being connected digitally, the physicality of our interactions becomes important again. The globalised communication systems we use everyday exist on a level above our tangible surroundings.Urban Echo brings some of this communication back to real locations, connecting public places and therefore people, cities and cultures. It extends space beyond our once concrete parameters.”

Cute little blog packed with photos of awesome people hanging out together! A big thanks to Jordan Stone for bringing this to my attention

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