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A stunning animated music video for The Black and White Years song ‘Cold’ off their latest album Patterns. Created by the one and only Eric Power The video depicts the story of a robot and his quest to find a perfect body !!

Interesting thoughts from Gareth Kay

Music video for Hooray For Earth‘s newest single “True Loves.” The True Loves LP hits stores June 7! Directed by Young Replicant !!! Freaking awesome!!

A film about hope, fear and digital culture! Made by the talented guys and girls of Radon! This is the Seth Godin excerpt! There is more to come apparently !

This is just amazing! A sound reactive application for iPhone and iPad created by Lorenzo Bravi! More info about this one here , while you can download the app from here

This cool animated video was made by Britt Dunse in 2007 for Lonski & Classen

The Raveonettes make The Stone Roses proud with this awesome cover! Sooo addictive from a few years back…. The lovely video you see was made by MISSloempia from footage from the Belgian Movie Bo that depicts the life of a young callgirl !! Enjoy

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