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‘Let’s fly into the stars.
Further, further away from our blue city,
no one can find us now’
A short film, music video ‘Aliens’ performed by Fromm(with Kim Feel)

Directed and animated by Tezo Don Lee

“Lies are more engaging online than truth,” says former CIA analyst and diplomat Yaël Eisenstat. “As long as [social media] algorithms’ goals are to keep us engaged, they will feed us the poison that plays to our worst instincts and human weaknesses.” In this bold talk, Eisenstat explores how social media companies like Facebook incentivize inflammatory content, contributing to a culture of political polarization and mistrust — and calls on governments to hold these platforms accountable in order to protect civil discourse and democracy.

Whether or not we count as a good person depends on an unexpected but crucial ingredient. Find out more about whether you qualify by watching the film