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In 1901, David Hänig published research that led to what we know today as the taste map: an illustration that divides the tongue into four separate areas. It has since been published in textbooks and newspapers. There is just one problem: the map is wrong. So how do misconceptions like this spread, and what makes a fake fact so easy to believe? Joseph Isaac dives into the world of misinformation. 

Sibyl is a piece exploring the self-fulfilling prophecy of prediction.
The video was created using volumetric capture and GAN to explore the concept of intentionality and question the looping mirroring predictability of AI and machine learning, not as a predictive tool, but rather, as a consolidation engine. In Greek mythology, the Sibyl was a prophetess, an oracle, a seeress; usually female, acting as the “mouth” and “voice of God”. By Marta Di Francesco