Bave Circus from DuDuF on Vimeo.

The essence of childhood captured in this lovely animation! A child plays with his snails and falls along with them in a dreamy circus!

Ramona Falls – Clover (9:16 edition) from blair neal on Vimeo.

I love this! A fan music video for a Ramona Falls shot/edited by Blair Neal ! Great sound and a lovely video with a very unique 9:16 aspect ratio! Pls note that if you  want to appreciate this fully you need to watch it on vimeo!

The fun theory, this time applied in a bin! If you like this , then don’t forget to also check piannotrappan ! I simply love this, I love the fact that our behavior can change so dramatically with small ideas! We surely need more of these ideas to make our world a better place! Hopefully the fun theory is going to become a trend and others will also try to do it, or even copy it!

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